30 05, 2016

The Heathrow EntertainMe kiosks make IFE easy !

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The EntertainMe kiosks, powered by Adaptive, are now available at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5 !  The travellers are able to download movies, magazines and newspapers to their iPads or iPhones. Thanks to the large variety of content available, the Fast Download technology and the contactless payment system, EntertainMe kiosks make IFE easy for travellers !


Future Travel Experience article

26 05, 2016

Media kiosks at Heathrow are powered by Adaptive !

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You can buy almost anything at an airport, except films and up to date international press from remote locations, now it is possible in Europe’s largest airport!

Heathrow’s EntertainMe kiosks have been developed by SITA and its partners, Orange Business Services and Adaptive Channel, to allow easy access to the latest entertainment (films, newspapers and magazines). And Adaptive is really proud to be offering its technology and content to an innovative project which provides airports around the world with a new revenue opportunity.

SITA Press Release