23 06, 2014

Sita Media Station Kiosk

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 Convenient, easy and fast entertainment downloads at the Airport and beyond…

Adaptive, in partnership with Sita, Orange and Wilocity, is developing a new generation of travellers entertainment kiosks.

For the first time, cutting edge technology is serving airport lounges. Thanks to the latest electronic advances, travellers will be able to downlaod in just a few seconds digital media onto their own device and use it on-board or after the flight.

Here is the demo of this very new model of media station kiosk ! 

20 06, 2014

Asian airlines, amazing improvements to the quality of their service

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Customers, especially travellers, are always looking for more comfort, more luxury and better inflight entertainment. Currently the No.1 ‘must have’ for Asian travellers is On-board Wifi, confirming the growing importance of ‘always on’ connectivity and digital media.
Some luxury airline companies have been going one step further, offering, for example,  ultra-quiet cabins or a all new spaciousness.

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10 06, 2014

Digital entertainment, a fast growing sector

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35% of video spending in 2013 was for digitally-delivered content.
The EMA report known as ” The 2014 D2 Report: Discs & Digital – The Business of Home Entertainment Retailing”states that overall  annual spending for video has increased to $18.2 billion. 
Customers are getting  used to accessing videos and general media content whenever and wherever they want to.
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5 06, 2014

NBTC approval for providing an in-flight WiFi internet service to Nok air

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The eastern low cost airline company Nok air finally gets in-flight wifi, permitting them to provide some digital content, access to the internet and the possiblity to make voice calls during the journey

5 06, 2014

Back to the 70s for Air Canada customers

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Adaptive is always trying to find new ways to entertain your customers in flight or before the flight. When travellers think of the airport and airplane, they think of queues, long boring waits, stress stress stress!!.

Last week Air Canada, launched a really unusual way to keep its travellers busy, and enhance their customer experience. They hired some actors to bring the customers back to 1970s and invite them to enter the plane like they were entering a timemachine back to the disco years!
Dig out those flairs people!!!