Adaptive Channel and Cloud Computing

By |August 9th, 2011|Blog|0 Comments

Adaptive Channel, a new and innovative company in the south West of France, is bringing together tablet technology and Cloud computing to deliver a unique inflight entertainment (IFE) experience. Several challenges had to be tackled before making this service a reality, and a Cloud based solution proved to be a natural fit.


News organizations now offer special reports, stories and media streams, for a fee, through automated interfaces (most often called APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces). This allows third parties, such as Adaptive Channel, to collect relevant news stories and aggregate them, before serving them through their own platform. This provides added value for the end consumer, who is offered services such as delivery to uncommon platforms (in this case, an internet tablet in a plane at boarding time), or item recommendations for a unique user experience.

However, these news providers rarely use common standards and APIs when offering data streams. As such, a common gateway for all these streams had to be designed and built, with automated fetchers designed to constantly update news and reports, per category, regardless of their origin. Once aggregated, a delivery system with strong uptime and speed guarantees had to be designed, to […]